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Google Adwords – Search Campaigns

With Google Adwords, your website will appear at the top of Google search engine rankings. You can easily reach new customers while they are searching for your services or products. Google ads are now one of the most effective means of displaying a business. However, if it’s not done properly, it will cost more than the revenue it generates.

Adwords works like auctions. That means that the price of each click is determined by its competition. In order for your ads to appear at the top of search results, apart from setting the budget, we need to have good ratings for:


  • Landing Page experience
  • Ad relevance
  • Expected CTR

Google Adwords Offer

With each new account, you have a $75 free voucher for ads on Google. Contact us to learn more.

Increase Google Ads Performance

Our goal is to maximize the performance of your ads in the shortest period of time. This is achieved through our multi-year commitment to this industry and our continuous effort in staying up to date on Digital Marketing.

Google Adwords is part of PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. This means that you don’t get charged when your ad appears at the top positions of Google search, but when a prospective customer clicks them. This means that in order to achieve the desired performance, we need to take concrete actions such as:

Keyword research

The first and perhaps the most basic step in Google Adwords advertising is keyword research. Keywords are words or phrases with which your prospective customers are searching for your products or services.

With Google’s Keyword Planner, we can see how many people per month look for each keyword. This is how we choose the keywords for which we want our ads to show up, taking into account their search volume.

Another element to consider when selecting keywords is relevancy. More specifically, how relevant each keyword is with your company and your products. Keywords with low relevancy are less likely to convert a visitor into a customer.

Competitor analysis

In Google Adwords, one of the most important stages in creating an effective campaign is competition research. This must be done so that we can design the appropriate strategy to achieve our advertising goals.

Google search campaigns

At this point we select the daily budget and the audience in which we want to show our ads. We also separate keywords and group them into Ad Groups.

The choice of the daily budget depends on the size of your company and the goals you want to achieve. An advertising budget of €10 per day is usually satisfactory for small and medium-sized businesses. Of course this is directly dependent on your competition and your goals.

Your audience targeting is based on geography, age, gender, and even the search device they use. Proper targeting will significantly reduce clicks from people who are less likely to turn into customers.

Define broad, modified, or exact match

Depending on the keyword, we choose between broad match, broad match modifier, exact match, or phrase match. Broad match reaches a larger audience, despite the fact that they may not be looking for exactly what you offer as a company. The exact match can bring the right people to our site, but we may lose potential customers using different keywords. As you can see, each keyword will need its own settings to get the desired result.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are displayed under the main body of Google Adwords. They make our ad appear bigger and grab the attention of prospective customers. By using these, we can differentiate from the competition and enrich the text with more information.

CPC setup

Once we have set the previous parameters for Google Adwords advertising, we set the cost-per-click (CPC). An ideal CPC is considered to be what will display our ads in high positions without costing too much. This can be only achieved through daily tests and changes, which we will see in a next step.


Writing texts must adhere to some basic marketing rules so that they can attract the right audience. It is the main component that will determine the CTR. The title will be what attracts the attention of users, while the text will convince them to click on the ad. However, do not forget that a misleading message that will get many clicks to an irrelevant landing page, will simply waste money without getting conversions.

Daily monitoring

Daily monitoring is used to optimize ads, such as Cost Per Click (CPC) reduction and Click Through Rate (CTR) improvement. Monitoring is done through the Google Adwords Platform, along with other tools from which we can see the user’s behavior, while they’re browsing  our site.

The small details are those that make the big difference and reduce the cost of advertising. Continuous improvement is what guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective result.

Budget distribution

With daily monitoring, the budget breakdown needs to be adjusted according to the results. We will notice that there are some inefficient keywords that attract a few clicks but do not have satisfactory conversions. It is therefore reasonable to lower the bid. In contrast, we need to increase the bid of other keywords that have a good CTR, a high quality score and many conversions.

Google Adwords – Display Campaigns

Promote your web page and reach new customers by using advertising banners through the Google Display Network, the largest online advertising network. This kind of Google Ads shows your business banners to users browsing other sites. So we target people in order to create the need to buy your products or services.

Google Display has a low cost and is suitable for branding. Similar to Search Campaigns, we can define the audience we want to show ads to, based on geography, age, gender, etc.

At Cope Digital Agency, we are committed to organize the appropriate display strategy on Google’s Display Network. We also create the necessary banner graphics in all required dimensions for all devices, ensuring ads are displayed in the areas that get satisfactory performance. Contact us to see your business’s needs and how Display Campaigns can increase your sales.

Examples of our work

Some of our customers’ Google’s Display Network banners in different dimensions.

Google Adwords – Remarketing Campaigns

These follow past visitors of your website, as they browse other sites on the web. With the use of Cookies, we can then pursue prospective customers and advertise to them with banners. Banners must be relevant to the product or service that the users showed interest in when they visited your website.

So let’s look at an example to better understand how it works. We have for example an e-shop with clothes. A user visited the men’s trousers section without completing a purchase. From this point we have 2 options. We can show our company’s general ads, or we can show targeted ads with men’s trousers. With the second option, we considerably increase our chances of converting him into a client later. The length of time that banners follow the user is defined by us, as we can also set the ads to stop, if the user completes the purchase. If you want to know how you can use the Remarketing method for your own website …

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