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Inbound marketing in web design

5 Jul, 2019 | Digital Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a new Digital Marketing philosophy designed to help companies be found from potential customers. Over the last decade, it is considered to be one of the most effective online marketing methods. The goal is a usable content during the web design process, that pulls the audience towards your company via Video, infographics, Blogging, ebooks, photos and more. Content should meet the needs of prospective customers and answer basic questions and queries. The ultimate goal of Inbound Marrketing is to convert unidentified internet users to customers and promoters of our company.

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The first thing that differentiates Inbound Marketing from Classic Business Marketing is that it includes tactics that gain our attention rather than become annoying. While surfing the web, using social media, or using our mobile, all of the classic methods interrupt our online journey and try to get our attention. In this way, they just manage to irritate the user. Techniques such as Pop-ups, paid email lists and customer contact calls are now outdated and with reduced performance. This is mainly due to the huge volume of advertising that literally bombs consumers on a daily basis.

Inbound Marketing Momentum

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The second thing that differentiates inbound Marketing and makes it unique is that over time it gains tremendous momentum. What does this mean? When investing in Digital Marketing, we have a higher rate of return as time passes. Small business internet marketing is a tactic that does not need to invest more and more money to reach customers. Inbound marketing is undoubtedly difficult to get started, but over time it gets enormous momentum. It is quite difficult to produce the first pieces of quality content, but your effort begins to roll like a rock on a slope, gaining momentum. And as the momentum grows, the effort is decreasing.

Inbound Marketing steps

inbound marketing

Attract Visitors

Customer engagement begins when the prospective audience searches for information, products, or services. What you need to do is give him the opportunity to find your business. Some ways are the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that is the ranking of your website on Google. Prospective customers begin the process of buying or finding a service by searching on Google’s search engine. This is the reason you need to make sure you appear at the top of the list of results. A SEO Agency is the best way to go for this part!

Some other ways are Social Media and Posts with useful content. Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media help us share useful information, giving a familiar face to our company. But simple traffic to our site is unfortunately not enough to have a good number of sales and customers. So we have to go to the next step…

Visitos into Leads

Let us assume that the visitor first comes to our site and knows nothing about our business. The goal now is to become a prospective customer. Some ways to go to this stage are sign ups, free E-books etc. Remember !! The contact details given voluntarily by prospective customers are valuable! Make the registration form as simple and comprehensible as possible, asking for the necessary information. Use Call to Action buttons, which will prompt the visitor to act, like “See more”. Once the visitor gives the contact information, it turns into Lead.

Leads into customers

We are on the right track, but now is the time to turn Leads into customers. A targeted email marketing campaign with useful and interesting content will keep your company in the thought of your audience. Even if they were not ready to buy the first time they visited your website, you should be there when they need it. A number of emails will build confidence in your company. CAUTION!!! Emails to be sent in moderation and must be interesting, otherwise they will unsubscribe! This means unsuccessful completion of the conversion process!