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Great Escape Rooms

300% increase in website traffic = Bookings doubled!

The Great Escape Rooms is one of the largest escape room companies in Greece. The franchise branch in Thessaloniki contacted us in order to help them renew their digital image, while staying within branding guidelines, and to help increase their escape room bookings. We went ahead with a full digital marketing strategy that included redesigning the website, SEO and Google Adwords.


Great escape in Thessaloniki, website on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Start of project:

October 2016


Services Provided:

  • Website redesign
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Booking System
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Adwords

The results say it all

“We at Great Escape Thessaloniki, have been steadily getting to the top of the industry over the last two years, as a result of our excellent cooperation with Cope Digital Agency Athens. They are the most reliable and successful partnership we’ve had in the field.”

Marianna Karezi, Great Escape Thessaloniki 

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A renewed digital presence

The basis of the business development strategy for Great Escape Thessaloniki began with creating a stand alone website just for the branch in Thessaloniki.  Up until this time, Great Escape Thessaloniki’s digital presence was in a sub-domain together with the main company website in Athens.  As a result, could not rank properly for relevant keywords, therefore losing many potential local bookings. After moving the company to its own domain and designing a responsive website, the conversion rate of visitors vs bookings increased 100%. We then proceeded with keyword research which lead to a fully functional SEO strategy that improved the company’s ROI.

Great Escape Thessaloniki case study website preview

Goal: the top positions on search engines!

Keyword Research: Where it all begins

Using our main go-to tool for keyword research, Google’s Keyword Planner, we discovered over 40 relevant keywords that we could use to rank Great Escape Thessaloniki’s website.  The keywords we target are ones with high search volume and relevance, but with reasonable competition so that ranking can happen quickly.  Within four months, the website ranked on Google’s first page in 30 different keywords, such as Escape Rooms Thessaloniki (in Greek & English), Escape Rooms Thessaloniki (in Greek), venues for kids’ parties (in Greek) and many more.

Content Creation

With 30 keywords in hand, we had a lot of writing to do.  We started with writing the content for the home page, targeting two main relevant keywords: escape rooms Thessaloniki (all in Greek) and escape rooms Thessaloniki (‘Thessaloniki’ in Greek).  As always, it was important for us to ensure that the user could easily find both what he/she is looking for, and easily complete a booking; the user journey is something we take seriously here at Cope Digital Agency.

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Google AdWords – Targeted ads that bring the results you want

Once the new website was completed, we began Google Adwords for Great Escape Thessaloniki as it’s the best way to immediately rank on Google’s first page (via paid ads). In conjunction with SEO, Google Adwords maximises a website’s traffic and brings immediate results to the business; in this case, immediate results meant immediate escape room bookings.

By creating the right ad campaigns for all the keywords we were interested in, we increased the site’s users by 90%. But it didn’t stop there. We continuously optimised the ads and in a short space of time, achieved the ideal score for ‘Landing Page Experience’, ‘Ad Relevance’, and ‘Expected CTR’, the most important numbers to keep an eye on with Adwords campaigns. Our optimisation tactics reduced our client’s Cost Per Click (CPC) by 500%; we maintained the same budget resulting in doubling the clicks on the ads and of course their website visits and bookings. Mission accomplished!

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