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MC Rent a Car Athens

A new website and Google Adwords grew the business

The company targets people who are planning to visit Athens for either business or pleasure. It offers services such as private transport, tours and luxury car hire.

With the new website, we provide visitors with the ability to plan their tours, their transfer to and from the Airport, but also to any other destination. Using Google Adwords, we brought users to the site who searched for the specific services and increased the company’s bookings.

mc rent a car in Athens website, on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Start of project:

December 2018


Facebook Page:

Google My Business:

MC Rent a Car Athens Greece – car rental agency


  • Website design & development
  • Adwords
  • Online booking system
  • GDPR
  • Graphics/Visual Design

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A new look with new potential

Apart from ranking the website in the top search results, our goal during its development was to make it quick and easy for visitors to book the services provided. As with all the websites we create, we ensured that we created a site with a modern and responsive design and was SEO-friendly.

In just a month, we continuously see an increase in website visits and bookings, just as the high-season for the industry is ready to begin.

MC rent a car case study website preview

Google AdWords – Targeted and well-structured ads are what will bring the results you want!

Google Adwords is the most direct way to attract visitors to a website, who are looking for products and/or services. For MC Rent a Car Athens, we designed a digital marketing strategy that includes a range of advertising campaigns across the Google platform.

Customers from all over the world have the ability to book their transportation, travel and private tours for their upcoming trip to Athens. With continued optimisation of the ads alongside SEO, we significantly reduced the Cost Per Click (CPC) of these ads and made them more profitable for our client.

The results tell the story

Our collaboration with MC Rent a Car Athens continues until today and in just a one-month period, has already begun to show results.  Our implementation of an integrated digital marketing strategy has brought an increase of website traffic and, consequently, in bookings. To date, MC Rent a Car Athens has a steady upward trend and will soon be at the top of the industry.

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