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Nadia's Bike Rental Corfu

Bookings increased 400% by appearing on Google’s top search results.

The owner of the company contacted us to create the digital presence of the company she maintains in Corfu, as well as a full re-branding of the company. The website “Nadia’s Bike Rental” was designed and implemented within the framework of a comprehensive strategy, in order to develop the company’s clientele through digital marketing.

Naidas bike rentals website on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Start of project:

December 2017


Facebook Page:

Google My Business:

Nadia’s Bike Rental

Services Provided:

  • Website design & development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Booking system
  • GDPR
  • Branding and Visual Design
  • Adwords

Another happy customer:

“With your help, we created an amazing website that attracts customers, and with your advice I was able to grow my business.  Your work is exceptional, I recommend you without any reservations, keep up the great work.  I wish you all the best   Thank you very much for the excellent collaboration!”

 Nadia Papamoschou, Owner of Nadia’s Bike Rental

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An updated brand with a new website

Since Nadia’s Bike Rental is a company in the tourism industry, we wanted to embody the beauty and excitement of travelling in the brand.  Targeting tourists travelling to Corfu and looking for a means of transportation, it was essential to give users a little taste of their destination.  The branding embodies the beauty and brightness of Corfu, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, with clear blue representing the sea and bright coral representing the breathtaking sunsets.

Once we finalised the branding, we proceeded with our normal process of creating content that would provide users with important information on their destination and ideal method of transport.  The content was written based on extensive keyword research on what and how people were searching for relevant services and information, with a secondary goal of ranking the website on Google’s first page search results.

Naidas bike rentals website preview

Let’s get to the top of search results with SEO!

Keyword Research

As SEO Specialists, keyword research comes second nature to us. As a result, we were easily able to find about 30 keywords that were relevant to Nadia’s Bike Rentals and which many people were searching for. In a short period of four months, our white hat SEO implementations succeeded in bringing the website to the first page of Google’s search results for 20 keywords.

The results were immediately visible to our happy client as they were receiving hundreds of new bookings every month for the entire tourist season.

Writing with purpose

Writing content for any search engine optimised website has two goals: a) to provide the user with information on what they’re looking for, and b) to provide search engines with a clear understanding on what the website is offering.  This is the foundation of any SEO strategy.

In the case of Nadia’s Bike Rental, we wrote content in English since the target audience was tourists visiting Corfu.  We describe the services the company offers as well as provide users with an easy way to book their travel vehicle.


A proper SEO Strategy brings results

SEO is the most effective method of Digital Marketing, which is why it has greatly increased the company’s bookings. It is one of the smartest ways of online advertising, resulting in constantly bringing in new customers and revenue.

Additionally, SEO helped significantly increase the business’ brand awareness. As a result, it increases sales since customers have an established confidence in the company.

A new brand comes to life

Beach flag graphic design for Nadias bike rentals
business card design for Nadias bike rentals
Business card design front side for Nadias Bike Rentals

Considering the update in the branding, new visuals needed to be created for the physical shop to connect with its online presence.  We continued with our chosen colour scheme and produced signs, flags, stickers, and other visuals the company required for their business.

Road sign graphic design for Nadias bike rentals

Targeted ads through Google Adwords bring results

Creating ads through Google’s ad platform is another way to attract people who are looking for our services. It’s important to get the right targeting in every ad campaign so we can convert clicks to sales. For Nadia’s Bike Rental, we’ve created ads for every possible search that relates to the company’s services, while narrowing our targeting with criteria preventing clicks from users who are not potential customers.

In addition, with the help of SEO, and the continuous optimisation of the ads, we’ve reduced our client’s CPC (Cost Per Click) by making our campaigns more efficient.

The results speak for themselves

Before the company’s collaboration with Cope Digital Agency, the business only did print advertisement in Corfu. Currently, the website for Nadia’s Bike Rental attracts more than 15,000 customers per year.   Bookings start as early as March, and for the high season months, the company is fully booked.  As a result of the high demand through her website, the owner was able to increase her fleet with new vehicles.

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