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PUZZLE3041 Escape Room is at the top of Google search results in Cyprus!

Puzzle 3041 is one of the most popular escape room companies in Cyprus. The owner approached us after several unsuccessful attempts with other agencies, in order to help him grow his business. As a full-service digital agency, we suggested optimising the website for SEO, improve his Google Adwords campaigns, and provide graphic design services to improve the brand’s image.

Puzzle 3041 website on Pc, Laptop, tablet and mobile

Start of project:

March 2017



  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Booking System
  • GDPR
  • Google Adwords
  • Graphics & Visual design

What our client says…

“Incredible collaboration! After changing multiple digital agencies, I finally found the right one. They are honest and are not only interested in making the sale, but also having a happy customer. I worked with them on the development of my site, including SEO, Google Ads, etc… Excellent at their job!  Thank you, guys.  You are an important reason for the growth of my business.”

 Michalis Stingas, Owner of Puzzle3041

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A successful digital marketing strategy begins

Despite our extensive experience in helping escape rooms grow, designing a digital marketing strategy always begins with the appropriate research on competitors and relevant keywords.  Our goal was to help Puzzle 3041 differentiate from its competition and bring visitors to the website who were interested in escape rooms and searching for them in Google.

Puzzle 3041 case study website preview

How we brought more visitors to the site and ranked it high on Google.

1. Extensive Keyword Research

It all started with an in-depth search using Google Keyword Planner. This tool enables us to find all the keywords or phrases that people are using in their Google searches.

Once we completed the research, we narrowed down the list of relevant keywords to 20, in terms of their monthly search volume and relevance.   In collaboration with our client, we then proceeded to launch our plan in getting our client to rank on Google’s first page, considering that very few users go to the 2nd page.  The keywords we began with were:

  • escape rooms (in Greek & English) along with Greek variations,
  • escape rooms Limassol (in Greek & English),
  • team building activities,
  • thinking games and more.

2. Writing as a team

After finding all the necessary keywords, we started writing the website texts. A search engine optimized text is far different from an informative text. The main reason is that it must contain all necessary and useful information that a visitor needs, but at the same time include the elements necessary for Google to be able to rank it on its first page.

For this to succeed, the text was reviewed by three different people at Cope Digital Agency.  The copywriter wrote the initial text; then the marketing manager reviewed and revised the text to included the necessary components that would turn the visitor to a client;  and finally, the SEO Expert made the final touches to optimise it for high search engine ranking   The harmonious collaboration of these specialties was the key to successfully ranking Puzzle 3041.


3. An ongoing SEO Strategy

The first results appeared within a few months. Our collaboration with Puzzle 3041 continues until today, as SEO is the number one website traffic generator for our client. Every month, we research and find new keywords that people use to search for relevant activities, and refresh the website with new content, resulting in increasing traffic.

On each page of the site, we use one main keyword and two or three secondary ones. The reason for grouping keywords and using them on different pages of the site is that SEO is done on each page separately. With the continuous increase of pages and new keywords, we increase traffic and bring new customers to our client.

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Branded visual designs for the Google Display Network campaigns

We created banners for ad campaigns promoting two of the most popular rooms at Puzzle 3041, “La Casa de Papel Escape Room” and “The Conjuring Escape Room”. Dimensions were selected based on the available positions for these ads, and optimised for delivering them effectively on all devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops).

A boost in business with Google Adwords

Since SEO is a process that brings results in the long run (in an average of six months), we always suggest conducting Google Adwords campaigns, which not only bring immediate results, but also compliment SEO efforts. Google Ads display at the very top of search engine results, but only do so as long as you pay for them; whereas SEO reaches the top organically without having a cent, and maintains its position as long as it’s maintained.

By creating ads for all relevant keywords, we increased traffic to the website by 82%. We reduced the Cost Per Click (CPC) significantly, through continuous monitoring and optimisation of the campaigns and increasing the Landing Page Experience, Ad Relevance and Expected CTR within a short time. As a result, we maximised the performance of the ads and without increasing the ad budgets increased visitors over 200%.

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