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Social Media Management – Facebook Ads

In 2018, proper social media management and Facebook advertising are essential for any business. How can we realize the importance of our presence on Facebook, Instagram and the rest of Social media? All we need is to think that everyone has at least one profile on social media. Create your own community, interact with your customers and find new ones by expanding your company.

It is now clear that traditional advertising is losing ground due to the interactivity offered by the internet. So take full advantage of the huge potential offered by a professional Social Media management. Use Facebook advertising as one of the most important pieces of your company’s strategic development plan.

Why Do I Need Professional Social Media Management & Facebook Advertising?

With the right social media management and Facebook advertising, you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers while creating new ones. Managing your professional profiles takes too long and as you know, time is translated into money. So, dozens of hours are spent each month, which distracts you from the rest of your business activities. In addition, in order to have an ideal result you need to know:

  • All Facebook ad manager parameters to create targeted and efficient ads.
  • Programming and technical skills to install Facebook pixel on your website.
  • Image editing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) To create the necessary graphics to attract your audience (cover image, profile picture, posts, graphic design).
  • Marketing knowledge to organise a proper strategy for developing your corporate image on social networks.
  • Content Marketing Knowledge, to create the right content that will deliver the right message to your audience.
  • Direct response to customer feedback and reviews.

Διαχείριση Social Media – Διαφήμιση Facebook

What are the necessary Steps for Social Media Management?

At COPE Digital Agency, we aim to make Social Media a professional tool that will deliver results. The first steps to achieve these goals require your help and are the following:

Step 1 - Company Description
Description of your company and your business sector. We will continue to investigate your competition so that we can choose the right solutions and always be one step ahead.
Step 2 - Choose your Social Media channels
Depending on the type of business, we recommend the appropriate Social Media based on our experience. We will help you choose the ones with the best performance. Some types of businesses work better with Facebook, some with Instagram or Twitter, and some others may need some combination.
Step 3 - Strategic planning
We create the appropriate strategy for each Social Media you choose and we proceed with its implementation.
Step 4 - Create profiles
We create professional profiles on the Social Media channels of your choice, the necessary graphics, and texts.
Step 5 - Profile Management
We continue with the daily management of your profile, publishing material (graphic, photos, videos, etc.) promoting the page and some selected posts, as well as responding to user feedback.
Step 6 - Monitoring and optimisation
Monitoring of the page and all advertising campaigns, performance control and optimisation.

Social Media management solutions- FACEBOOK

COPE Digital Agency’s team consists of professional Digital Marketers, Graphic designers and Copywriters. In this way we achieve the best result in the creation of visual elements as well as written content. We offer 3 affordable Social Media management solutions for Facebook, as well as customised solutions, that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

What Social Media offers?

Social media and Facebook advertising greatly enhance your company’s image. You can build relationships and interact with your audience while increasing customer awareness. Through proper social media management, you can also significantly increase the traffic of your website or e-shop. This naturally translates to an increase in sales on your products or services.