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10 May, 2019 | Digital Marketing

Web Design – King WordPress

When we talk about building a website, it is certain that WordPress is the king. About 30% of the internet is designed and implemented with this platform. Web design with Wodpress is user friendly while also facilitating beginner managers to make text and post changes. In addition, WordPress offers a huge library of plugins, which makes it fully customizable to any need when constructing web pages. Another important factor to choose from is that WordPress pages are SEO-friendly and fit perfectly into all devices (Pc, Laptops, Tablets & Mobiles).

WordPress trends follow general web design trends plus additional features provided by the company. In 2018, WordPress released version 5, which included new but improved widgets to add images, videos and audio to your website. This version added the ability to run multi-site updates and improve the word processor.

Here we will read what we can expect from WordPress in the year 2019

Improvements & New Features

WordPress 5.2 has been released since May 7. The release includes many fixes and enhancements from the previous version. There are great improvements to topic management, editing code, additional asset management, and easier customization. All of these improvements help many managers and wordpress developers and make it easy to build a website, even for individuals that want to have an online business. Improvements are very important because ease of use is perhaps the most important feature WordPress offers to its customers. It is very important once the website construction is finished and delivered to the customer to make the necessary changes. Can upload photos, add and change texts, etc.

Web Design & E-shops

E-commerce is a very large part of WordPress websites. Woo-commerce is, of course, the most popular plugin with a difference. Most of the e-commerce platforms, such as PayPal and Google Checkout, work together perfectly with WordPress, making it the best choice for eshop. New trends in e-commerce, such as mobile purchases, subscription services, and personalized purchases, are easily addressed with the latest WordPress themes.

Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

Although WordPress offers many Themes for free, there are too many that one deserves to pay. WordPress says it’s user-friendly. And that’s true, since they are from very simple Themes to very complex, with a wide range of prices. Last year there was a great increase in Drag & Drop Themes, which allows users to create and modify pages without writing code. These Themes are very easy to use both by web designers and by simple users. Drag and Drop makes experimentation an easy task and additionally offers many plugins and layouts.

Data Breaches

Data breaches can do damage, while someone could steal your money, identity and information. Changes in the card industry can help you out to be more secure. One of the major issues is the effect that data breaches have to big companies. Even if they have advanced internet security, hackers can get through. The options you have are high risk merchant accounts. Every big company should consider, while these account processors have the experience to deal with the fallout from a data breach.