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Bookings increased in just two months!

Great Escape Athens approached us as they were not seeing results with their website and they wanted to start Adwords. After reviewing the website, we found that many changes and improvements had to be made in order for the site to rank on Google and for Adwords to bring results.

Great Escape Athens, website on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile

Start of Project:

October 2016



  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Adwords
  • Online Booking System
  • GDPR

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Designing a Digital Marketing Strategy

The most important part of Great Escape’s development strategy was doing extensive keyword research on the various services it provides: team building, kids’ parties, and alternative entertainment.  We found that people use over 100 different ways to search for these three topics, giving us a large targeted audience interested in escape rooms.

Great escape website preview

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the king of getting you to the top of Search Engines’ results!

Always start with keyword research

Our findings from our keyword research gave us two categories of keywords, primary and secondary.  We targeted the primary keywords, like ‘escape rooms’, ‘escape rooms Athens’ (in both Greek and English), to the respective home pages; and the secondary keywords, like ‘kids’s parties’, team building, ‘thinking games’ to respective pages dedicated to these topics.  Our client saw results within two months, despite the huge competition in the industry, since there are more than 100 escape room companies in Athens alone.


Search Engine Optimisation

Our collaboration with Great Escape continues to today, as SEO is the number one customer acquisition channel for them. By writing new articles each month, we are able to rank high on search engines for many more keywords that users use to search for relevant services and activities.

After grouping the keywords that we found from our initial research, we target 2 to 3 keywords in each article.  Thus we continuously increase traffic to the website with these articles, and steadily increase business for client.

Google Adwords for an extra push

Using Adwords, we’ve been able to rank the site in the top three positions of Google’s search engine. This online advertising method goes hand-in-hand with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helping us maximise traffic to the website.

We increased visitors to the website by 70% through our well-structured and targeted ad campaigns. The next step was to calibrate the ads regularly in order to improve important factors that Google takes into consideration when displaying ads. Within a short time, we maximised the ads’ performance, and increased the clicks on the ads by 200% without our client raising their budget.

Here are more details on how a SEO Specialist can help you grow your business.

Google Display Network campaign graphic design

Below you will see a few of the 40 banners we created for Great Escape Rooms’ ad campaigns on Google’s Display Network.  The banner designs are based on the rooms, and exported in different sizes to ensure visibility in the positions that the Google Ad Network covers for displaying ads.

Banners for Great Escape

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